Dale & Karen


Karen and I are very pleased to be able to write "Things are well with the Vorsters". Our little brood is growing into lovely children whom we are really proud of.

At the moment, Dale is a stay-home Dad in addition to his pastoral duties. He plans to start studying Theology and Philosophy soon through the Open Theological Seminary, as Michael has begun nursery and Daddy now has a block of time in the afternoons to use.

Karen is enjoying her responsibilities in the Nursery. She loves working with the children although getting them all to eat their school-dinners, which include such exotic dishes as Spicy Caribbean Mince, can be challenging!

We want to ask you for your prayers in finding a new house. Currently, we are in a tiny two bedroom, which really isn't big enough for us. Unfortunately, due to the voluntary nature of our work, we simply don't have the finances to buy a house – the bank manager just smiles politely as he turns us down. (I read recently that when your bank manager smiles, all it means is that he has wind!)

Please do drop us a line, as we love to hear from you.
Dale and Karen

Dale & Karen with family

Just in: We just won a 20 room mansion in a UK lottery!
Seriously though, we didn't, but would appreciate prayer for a new home to rent!

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